Airbrush Tattoos

We offer Airbrush Tattoos for:

Promotions and Special Events
Product Launches
Music Videos
Film Sets
Club Activation’s
Corporate Events

Airbrush Tattoo stands for expos
Airbrush Tattoo Parties
‘Live’ Airbrush Tattoos at your event or exhibition stand
Themed Airbrush Tattoos for Club Events and Festivals
Airbrush Tattoos for Printed Media and Advertisements
Themed Airbrush Tattoos for Fashion, Editorial, Film, TV and the Music Industry
Airbrush Tattoos for Film and Movie sets, Music Videos


Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on using an airbrush system. The airbrush itself is often smaller than the airbrush used for artistic purposes, and the person applying the tattoo will normally use a stencil to help create the design.


Please contact us to get a detailed quotation for your unique project.

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