Services We Offer

Graffiti Murals

Specialising in realistic murals, movie scenes, portraits, comic characters and children's themes.

Graphic Design

Logo's, branding, custom designs to incorporate your company's brand identity, letterheads, business cards, flyers, posters, banners, packaging, signage, CD and DVD covers.

Body Painting

Using only the highest quality body paint to create distinctive designs on human canvases for shows, events, themed parties, television and magazine adverts, etc...

Graffiti Painting

Any size artwork, logos, brand names, etc..., painted on walls, canvasses, etc...

Set Painting

Using weather-resistant paints to create artworks/backdrops on virtually any surface for stages, shows, tv/movie shoots, etc...

Urban Art

Commissioned artworks on high-quality canvas, etc... Painted to specifications; any design or picture can be created. Graffiti styled artwork.

Airbrush Lessons

Airbrush courses are now available at our workshop catering from beginners to advanced students. Click here for our student application form.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos that look just like real tattoos. Try before you choose a real tattoo or get some real looking tattoos for your fancy dress party!

Airbrush Equipment

We stock a wide range of airbrushes, compressors, hoses, inks, paints, bottles, spare needles and a range of accessories for your airbrushing needs. Online shop coming soon!!


Custom made laser cut stencils or choose from our catalogue. All of our stencils are solvent proof and washable.

Where Can Airbrushed Bodypainting Be Used?:

  • Promotions and Special Events
  • Expo's
  • Club Events and Festivals
  • Fashion, Editorial, Film, TV and the Music Industry
  • Printed Media and Advertisements
  • Art Exhibition Work and Galleries
  • Launching of products and services
  • Team building events
  • Special events and trade shows
  • Sponsorship and Endorsement
  • Children’s entertainment (facepainting)

Satisfied Client List

firefoxAfrican Chapter
Ama-gi's (Kingston - UK)
BLAC eyewear
Camel (JTI)
Channel O
Caprice (CT)
Carbon Cosmetics (Oscar Pistorious)
Echo PR
Edcon/ Edgars
FHM Magazine
FIFA 2010
Foundry Fly Lounge
Guinjata Resort
Hair By Kelly
Jet Stores
JET BLACK nightclub (UK)
Latinova nightclub
Lenovo (IBM)
MGD Miller
Moloko nightclub
NEO Group of Companies
Red Square
Silverstar Casino
Silversands Casino
Standard Bank (SA)
Southern Comfort
Sunday Times
TABOO nightclub
Tings 'n Times
Vodacom Durban July
Wetstuff Scuba
Windows 7 launch
ZOO Magazine
Zouk nightclub

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